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"Ground water mining will destroy the sustainability of ranches, towns, and national forests over a very large region."
Carol Pittman ( founding member of the San Augustin Water Coalition)
"...a family of modern-day carpetbaggers wants to pump the lifeblood of a living bioregion, create a water hemorrhage with no thought of tourniquet, despoil a vibrant habitat, rape the Earth-for money, lots of money..."
from "Water Heist in the Plains of San Augustin"  by Jack Loeffler, Greenfire Times

The immediate threat to rural water rights and ranchland:

New York water speculators, calling themselves the Augustin Plains Ranch (APR) want to mine -- and export -- 17 billion gallons of ground water each year from rural New Mexico's San Augustin plains. Not only does the San Augustin aquifer provide water for surrounding ranches, communities and wildlife, it helps sustain the Gila River with its communities and its unspoiled wilderness areas.  We are committed to halting this water grab in order to prevent it destroying the local ecosystem and economy.  You can help too!  Join us at one of our events, or make a donation to help support the New Mexico Environmental Law Center's efforts on our behalf. 

The San Augustin Water Report is owned by Carol Pittman, with the goal of keeping residents of Catron and Socorro counties, and all of New Mexico, informed about the threat to their lives and lifestyles posed by the Augustin Plains Ranch water mining proposal.  This attempted water grab is the subject of ongoing litigation, and parties protesting the plan include ranchers, town and subdivision residents, Native American tribes, the San Augustin Water Coalition, and many others. 
25 April 2016:  The Augustin Plains Ranch LLC has submitted a new water mining application.  It is presently in the Office of the State Engineer awaiting acceptance.  That means there is a buyer for the water.  Please monitor your local paper for a legal announcement of the application and be prepared to protest.  You will have time to get a letter to the OSE starting with the first legal publication and lasting until 10 days past the third publication of the application.   Your help is essential to fighting this attempt to mine water in the Augustin Plains.  Please consider a tax-deductible donation to aid our efforts.

It's also time to renew your annual membership.  Dues are being collected now.  They are $15.00 for individuals, or $25.00 for families.  Please send your checks to SAWC,  P.O. Box 613,  Datil,  87821.
23 April
State Engineer Speaks at SAWC Meeting
     New Mexico State Engineer, Mr. Tom Blaine, was the featured speaker at the San Augustin Water
Coalition annual meeting, held this month.  He explained that the Augustin Plains Ranch LLC’s previous
applications to mine water in the Plains basin had been rejected as being “vague, incomplete and
speculative.”  The new application, now in the Office of the State Engineer (OSE) is also incomplete, and
the Office of the State Engineer has told the applicant to “make the application complete or withdraw it.”
The water miners (Augustin Plains Ranch LLC) have asked to drill 54,000 acre feet of water per year in
order to pipe that water to the Albuquerque area.  Mr. Blaine explained that there doesn’t have to be
water available in the amount requested on the application.  “If 10 acre feet are available for
appropriation,” he said, “then we can’t reject the application.”
Mr. Blaine asked “Do I know how much water is available for appropriation?  No, I don’t, and I won’t
speculate on that."
For a more detailed look at Mr Blaine's remarks, please click here.  Mr Blaine's talk is also available to view
in video form:
     •  Part I:     Basic History of Water Rights
     •  Part II:    Augustin Plains Water
     •  Part III:   Audience Question-and-Answer
the water mining
April 25: The water miners have submitted a new application.  Please monitor your local paper for a legal notice of the application and be prepared to protest.  Your help is essential to fighting this attempt to mine water in the Augustin Plains.  More info soon.